Court of Clan Buchanan

The Clan Buchanan is led by the Clan Chief, the first amongst equals, and is supported by groups that can be drawn on for advice and action.

The Clan has traditional or symbolic roles as well as delivering on important strategic and operational aspects.

These are reflected in the traditional and modern clan organisational arrangements.

The Chief’s Council (“Comhairle Mòr”) plays an important role in the clan’s management. It has important relationships with the two Societies, the Clan Buchanan Society International and The Buchanan Society, that play a significant role in the day to day activities of Clan Buchanan and delivering the strategic directions for the clan.

The membership of the Council comprises people who play an active role in delivering the Clan’s strategic directions. Interim appointments have been made to get the Council operating quickly; from associates and collegues of the chief and the CBSI. The Chief may appoint members of the Council at any time relevant to a particular area of expertise and/or for a period of time.


To manage:

  • Manage the Clan Parliament and strategic directions for Clan Buchanan
  • Manage emerging strategic directions and operational needs in between Clan Parliaments
  • Review and report on implementing the Clan’s strategies
  • Manage the ceremonial aspects of the Chief’s role, including heraldry and genealogy
  • Manage Charitable Funds raised for undertaking Clan projects.

The Court is comprised of the Chief’s immediate family, several official roles and the Clan’s Armigers. Implementation and management of many of these aspects will be undertaken by the Clan’s Society, the Clan Buchanan Society International (CBSI).


Toiseach – President of the Council
The Chief – John Michael Baillie-Hamilton Buchanan

Buchanan Family

Manager of the Household
The Lady Buchanan
Dr Paula Buchanan

Angus Buchanan
of that Ilk, Younger

Bruce Buchanan
of Arnprior

Lucy Buchanan
of Leny

Rory Buchanan
of Auchleshie


President of the CBSI or their representative
David J. Byrne (USA)

Preses of The Buchanan Society or their representative
Stuart P.J. Buchanan (UK)


Paul Gibson (Australia)

Dr. Shona Gibson (Australia)

Angus Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier and Corsewell (Scotland)
Descendant of Andrew Carrick Buchanan of Drumpellier

Sir John Christopher Rupert Buchanan-Jardine of Castlemilk, 5th Baronet (England)
Descended from Margaret Seton Hamilton Buchanan

Major Stephen Thomas Buchanan (Australia)

Chas Charles-Dunne (UK)
Descended of Peter Whannell, alias Buchanan

James Robert Hamilton Buchanan (Scotland)
Descendant of Andrew Carrick Buchanan of Drumpellier

Claude Askel Buchanan (New Zealand)
Descended from Thomas Buchanan of Carbeth

Mark Sean Buchanan (New Zealand)
Son of Claude Askel Buchanan

Ian Gray-Buchanan (Australia)
Descended from Thomas Buchanan of Ardoch

Neil Buchanan of Touch (Scotland)
Descended from Charles Alexander Buchanan of Touch

Sir Scott Kelly Leith-Buchanan, 9th Bt. (Scotland)
Descended from Sir Alexander Leith-Buchanan of Ross Priory

Major Archibald Graham Buchanan-Dunlop (Scotland)
Descended from Archibald Buchanan of Drumhead


Seanchaidh (Clan’s historian) and
Pursuivant (Personal herald of Arms)
Malcolm Buchanan (Australia)

Chamberlain / Scribe
Paul Gibson (Australia)

Armiger Convenor
Dr. Shona Gibson (Australia)

International Adviser
Kevin “Buck” Buchanan (USA)


Clan Chaplain
Rev. Dr. Andrew Buchanan (USA)

Sloinntear an Àird
(Chief’s Genealogist)
Gordon McGregor

(Clan Genealogist)
Chris Conlon (USA)

(Archivist / Librarian)

Kim Tuovinen (Aus)

Pìobairean an Cannonaich
(Chiefs Pipers)
Rod Buchanan (UK)
Richard Harris (Australia)
Scott Buchanan (Canada)

Comhairleach Breacanach
(Tartans Adviser(s))
Lucy Buchanan of Leny,
Marie Gibson (Australia),
Tracy Harper (USA)

(Mage and media advisor)
Matt Buchanan (Australia)

Neach-giùlain Àbhaisteach
Chief’s Standard Bearer  George McAusland (UK)

Neach-giùlain Chlaidheimh
Chief’s Sword Bearer/Armourer
Rory Buchanan of Auchleshie

Translations and descriptions of these roles can be found at

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Clan Parliaments

Inaugural Clan Parliament,
held 9 October 2022

Minutes of the inaugural Clan Parliament can be found here

Upcoming Clan Parliament

A date for the next Clan Parliament is yet to be set; but to involve as many of our clanspeople as possible, it may need to be held virtually.